Recruiting Team

Melissa Henson - Connected-Talent

Melissa Henson

Director of Talent Services

Melissa is an accomplished human resource professional with expertise in employee relations, employment law, talent management & acquisition, training and development, compensation, benefits, and workers’ compensation.

(440) 876-0040 x 706

Tanyeh Clay - Connected-Talent

Tanyeh Clay

Senior Recruiter

Tanyeh brings over 15 years of full process recruiting experience; successfully attracting talent from entry-level to senior leadership level roles. She has partnered with various organizations in several verticals.

(440) 876-0040 x 721

A Complete Recruiting Solution

Companies in all sectors are struggling to find high-quality candidates in a timely manner. ConnectedTALENT fills that void with professional recruiting support and services that are right-sized and cost-effective. ConnectedTALENT is different than traditional recruitment process outsourcing in that experienced recruiting experts will function as in-house recruiters for clients, providing dedicated support on an as-needed basis. This model is particularly well suited to the needs of growing small- mid-sized companies.

ConnectedTALENT was born of the growing demand for talent and recruitment services as companies struggle with record numbers of resignations and labor shortfalls. In looking at the dynamics of the market, our successful “fractional” approach to human resources makes great sense for recruitment, too. With nearly a decade of providing unparalleled human resources services under our belts, we are uniquely positioned to help companies with their entire spectrum of talent and HR needs. ConnectedTALENT rounds out our offerings to make us truly full service. 

From entry-level to executive-level positions, ConnectedTALENT is a smart solution for decision-makers who need flexible, improved recruiting support or expertise but are unable to or choose not to provide recruiting in-house.

Here’s how we can help you make confident hiring decisions:

  • Talent Acquisition Consulting
    • We help you evaluate and improve your talent acquisition process
  • Recruiting Process Outsourcing
    • We can supplement your current talent acquisition staff
    • We act as your internal recruiter
  • Talent Placement
    • We find and introduce you to candidates with the right skills and qualifications for your business needs

No matter the level of support, you can count on ConnectedTALENT to deliver the dependable, professional recruiting bench strength your team needs to succeed.